District of West Vancouver Announces Timeline for New Arts & Culture Strategy

The Council of the District of West Vancouver has announced its intention to update the District's Arts and Culture Strategy, along with a timeline that details these changes. 

To assist in implementing this Arts & Culture Strategy, the District of West Vancouver is utilizing a volunteer Arts & Culture Steering Committee composed of members of the arts community. 

Below are the details of this new strategy, sourced from the District's website.


  • Arts and culture contribute to the social fabric of the community by increasing community pride, social interaction, sharing of ideas, community identity and community wellness.
  • The most recent comprehensive Strategy that guided the District in the delivery of services was the 2005–2014 Celebration & Collaboration: Arts & Culture Strategy.
  • Over the last 10 years, a number of planning processes have been conducted in West Vancouver around cultural services and facilities. These plans incorporated considerable community and stakeholder input and will provide a foundation for the new Arts & Culture Strategy.


  • a five-year plan (2017–2022) that identifies key initiatives, timelines and metrics to guide the District’s delivery of arts and culture services and programs. Arts and culture also links to a number of other sectors such as economic sustainability, tourism, and education
  • Arts Facility Needs Assessment—a review of current facilities used by the District and community
  • Cultural Scan of community groups providing arts and culture services in West Vancouver
  • a comprehensive community engagement process that articulates the community’s vision and priorities for arts and culture services, programs and facilities
  • a process to develop key principles and criteria for decision-making to enable the District to prioritize its allocation of resources for the delivery of arts and culture services
  • an implementation plan that aims to develop a collaborative, coordinated and community-based approach to enhance the quality, access and delivery of arts and culture services in West Vancouver
  • an annual review process to ensure progress towards the vision and accomplishment of key priorities. 


August–September 2016: Establish Steering Committee to oversee process; oversee community consultation process and development of final plan. 
September–November 2016: Community consultations at community centres and public events, cultural cafés, focus groups with residents of West Vancouver, arts and culture groups from all arts disciplines, stakeholders in education, community services, business and tourism to ensure the Strategy is integrated into other sectors’ planning processes.
November-December 2016: Develop draft Strategy for review by Steering Committee and key community groups. 
February 2017: Draft Strategy is presented to Council and the community. 
March 2017: Present final Arts & Culture Strategy to Council.

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