Get Ready for Arts Day on the Hill 2017

Image: Ottawa Tourism

Image: Ottawa Tourism

Arts Day on Parliament Hill is Thursday, Nov. 2. Even if your organization can’t be in Ottawa, it’s crucial that we make our voices heard in BC and across Canada.

What’s on the agenda? 
Key priority: Double the Canada Arts Presentation Fund from $32 million to $60 million. 
Rationale: Increasing the CAPF will provide Canadian communities with more rich and diverse cultural experiences. It will create more domestic touring opportunities for our creators. In turn, this strong domestic market will serve as a launchpad for international trade.

Other Arts Day agenda items: 
• Increase the Canada Arts Training Fund by $10 million.
• Raise the annual cap on the Canadian Cultural Investment Fund—Endowment Incentives to $3 million.
Rationale: The Canadian Arts Coalition, organizer of Arts Day on the Hill, has adapted all Arts Day asks to fit within the current political agenda which is focused on trade and innovation.

What can YOU do? 
The Canadian Arts Coalition urges you to:
1. Request a meeting with your MP in your riding. The Coalition has a complete toolkit to assist you, including this meeting request template.
2. Help make a splash on social media on Nov. 2. Use the hashtag #artsday.

Stay tuned!
The BC Alliance for Arts + Culture is co-organizing an Arts Day at the BC Legislature. If you or your organization wants to participate, please contact BC Alliance executive director Brenda Leadlay

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