Upcoming Course: "Theatre ASL"

The following is excerpted from a release issued by Theatre Interpreting Services.

Theatre Interpreting, a group of Deaf Vancouver-based performing artists and interpreters, will be offering a 10-week ASL course to provide basic communication techniques. The course will also include education around Deaf culture and other protocols on engaging with members from the d/Deaf community. This workshop is for people who have no or very little knowledge of sign language, with the goal of providing basic communication techniques in order to introduce yourself and have a conversation. Theatre ASL is looking for ways to implement inclusive artistic practices and engagement with the arts.


Teacher: Ryan Ollis
Cost: $250 including Signing Naturally book (or $150 without the book)
Course: Covers Unit 1 - 2
Where: 100-938 Howe Street, Vancouver
Time: 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Date: Every Thursday, February 8 - April 12, 2018
Deadline to register: February 1

Register online here. Capacity is limited, so register early as possible. Email Theatre Interpreting for more information.

[Update 01/18/18: we've updated this post with new information around pricing, dates and registration.]

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