grunt gallery to Turn Iconic Blue Cabin Into Floating Artist Residency



grunt gallery has received $45,000 of Collaborative Spaces funding from the BC government to turn the Blue Cabin into artist residence. The money will fund the remediation, renovation, and relocation of the structure as a floating artist residency. 

The distinctive Cabin, which has served as a part-time residence and muse for Vancouver artists Carole Itter and Al Neil, was previously under threat of demolition after years in legal limbo. It was originally built as a float home in the 1930s.

The Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency is also intended as a response to rising rent and costs of living in Vancouver, which can be prohibitive to city living for artists. "Despite Vancouver’s international reputation for producing exceptional artists, inflated real estate prices make it challenging at best for arts organizations to offer visiting artists spaces for research, experimentation, innovation, and exchange," says the website for the new residency. "Recognizing the need for such a generative space, the Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency presents an opportunity that is unique to this region while global in its reach."

Info on the new Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency is here.  grunt gallery was one of thirteen arts and culture organizations to receive Collaborative Spaces funding, as the Alliance previously reported.

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