Surrey Cultural Buildings Benefit from Infrastructure Funding



The federal government has earmarked $822,269 in cultural infrastructure funding for Surrey, including over $600,000 from the Department of Canadian Heritage to be put toward Anniedale School (Surrey's oldest one-room schoolhouse), the Surrey Arts Centre and the Surrey Museum. Funding in the order of $195,000 has also been committed for Surrey to celebrate Canada 150. The announcement was made Feb. 3 by Surrey mayor Linda Hepner and four Liberal MPs.

The money from the Department of Canadian Heritage has been earmarked in the following sums:

  • $377,269 for expansion of the Surrey Museum;
  • $150,000 for upgrades to the Surrey Arts Centre; and
  • $100,000 for renovations to Anniedale School.

In addition to the above heritage funding, $195,000 has been set aside to celebrate Canada 150 at the Surrey Fusion Festival.

"On behalf of Surrey City Council, I would like to applaud and commend the significant investment the Department of Canadian Heritage is making in Surrey,” said Hepner. “This funding will allow us to remediate the oldest schoolhouse in Surrey, upgrade our Museum, properly conserve our art exhibits and expand the largest multicultural celebration in British Columbia, Fusion Fest. My sincere thanks to our federal partners for working with us to preserve, celebrate and enhance Surrey’s rich cultural heritage.”

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