Province and Creative BC Allocate $1.5 Million for 'Career of BC Artists' Program

The following information is excerpted from a press release issued by the Province of British Columbia.



The Province of British Columbia and Creative BC announced February 7 the allocation of $1.5 million to support the new Careers of BC Artists program, designed to stimulate economic growth within the music industry by funding marketing initiatives that build audiences for artists, albums, and live performances.

As part of the $15 million BC Music Fund (BCMF) announced last year, this new program will allow music companies and artist-entrepreneurs to apply for funding supporting the marketing and promotion of BC artists, including BC-based music-video production and the development of marketing materials and assets. Funding can also be used for electronic-press kits, photography, websites or publicity campaigns, including radio or advertising campaigns promoting an album release or the brand of a BC artist.

This program will enable BC artists to tap into provincial, national and international markets to further their professional careers. Funding for the creation of videos, photos, online tools and ad campaigns will expand the presence of BC artists and grow their audiences locally and abroad.

Applications for the Careers of BC Artists Program will be accepted March 1, 2017. The first deadline for this program is May 1, 2017, with a second intake in the fall of 2017.

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