A Message from Gillian Wood

Gillian Wood. | Image: Gillian Wood via LinkedIn.

Gillian Wood. | Image: Gillian Wood via LinkedIn.

On November 8, the BC Alliance reported that Kim Reid would begin serving as interim executive director for the BC Arts Council (BCAC), replacing Gillian Wood, who has served as executive director of the BCAC since 2009. The BC Alliance also acknowledged Gillian for her tireless years of service to the arts and culture community.

Gillian has sent along a message for the creative community, which we gladly send forward:

“As many of you have heard, after 28 years, I left the BC public service this week. I must take this opportunity to express my profound thanks to colleagues in the BC Arts Council offices, who work tirelessly to find new ways to develop our artists and cultural organizations, guided by principles of truth-telling, equity, access and sustainability. I’d also like to thank the many colleagues and friends from across Canada and beyond who have sent fond memories and kind wishes.

After a period of reflection and time with family and friends, I plan to discover new ways to give back to our artists and practitioners, especially after the years of inspiration and passion you have given to me. Once again, thank you for all that you do to provoke and amaze our world through drive, creativity and hard work.”

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