Callers needed

cknwCKNW News-Talk 980 is broadcasting a leaders debate Thursday, April 23rd between 8:30am 10:00am. The debate will feature Gordon Campbell, Carole James and Janet Sterk and will be hosted by Bill Good. It'd be great to have a few people from our community call in and pose questions. A few suggestions are:

(for Gordon Campbell) “Your party plans to cut investment in the BC Arts Council by 40% next year [according to Budget 2009]. The government’s own research has shown that investment in the Arts Council is more than repaid through tax revenue. And the Arts Council has proven to be the best way to make sure money is distributed throughout the province in a non-partisan way. What will you do to reverse that decision?”

(for Carole James) “Your party says it will reinstate the cuts to the BC Arts Council. Since your party slashed support for the Council the last time it was in power, what kind of assurances can you give that it wouldn’t happen again?”

(for Janet Sterk) "Do you believe that arts and culture are an integral part of the healthy and vibrant society? If so, how to plan to strengthen the sector in this time of economic turmoil?"

If you do not get good radio reception for CKNW in your area you can listen live by going to the CKNW website at and clicking on "Listen Live". The call in number for the Bill Good show is 1-877-399-9898 or 604-280-9898 and the email address is .

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