Canadian Heritage Releases 2012 Arts and Heritage Survey Results

According to results of a poll on access and availabilty of arts and heritage, the majority of Canadians support government involvement in arts and culture. 

The Department of Canadian Heritage commissioned Phoenix Strategic Perspectives Inc. to conduct research with an objective of gathering information on Canadians' attitudes towards an array of issues relating to behaviours and values associated with arts and heritage.

From June 8 to July 3, 2012, Phoenix Strategies Perspectives Inc. conducted a random digit dialling telephone survey of 1,001 Canadian residents aged 18 years or older. 27% of those surveyed were in the age range 18-34, 36% were 35-54, and 34% were age 55+. 

Most of those surveyed (87%) think governments in Canada should place a moderate (48%) to a great deal (39%) of importance on supporting the arts and culture in Canada. Respondents rated their level of agreement with a series of things the government could do to support arts and culture as follows:

  • Providing support for arts and culture in Canada (45% strongly agree).
  • Promoting awareness of Canadian arts and cultural events and activities (43% strongly agree)
  • Partnering with others to ensure that there are enough arts and cultural facilities to serve the public (42% strongly agree)
  • Helping protect and preserve Canada’s heritage (72% strongly agree)
  • Providing incentives to promote private sector support for arts and culture (37% strongly agree).

Respondents were asked about their own arts and culture attendance, with 83% stating that they attended at least one type of live performance or arts event in the past year, including live art performances, craft shows or fairs, and arts/cultural festivals. 

The survey also gauged respondents' involvement in arts and cultural events. 57% reported that they were personally involved in at least one artistic activity in the last year, including donation to an arts or cultural organization (26%); participating in a performance (22%); making photos, movies, videos, animation or new media art (20%); and using the internet or a smartphone to create something artistic (20%). 71% of those surveyed indicated that they also use the internet to engage in online activities related to arts and culture, such as learning about events or artists, purchasing tickets, and discussing or promoting events. 

Results show that Canadians have very positive attitudes toward arts and culture, with two-thirds of respondents agreeing that arts and cultural events are important in terms of quality of life for them and their families. 92% agreed that arts and culture make a community a better place to live. 

More information and the full survey results are available in the final report, Arts and Heritage in Canada: Access and Availability Survey 2012 (download PDF format). 

Research results are intended to be used by Canadian Heritage to assist in evaluating programs and in developing policy with respect to the arts and heritage. 


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