The Craft Council of BC presents: Craft Invested: 10,000 hrs Conference

The Craft Council of BC, the charitable arts service organization for the craft sector, celebrates their 40th anniversary this year and has announced the conference "Craft Invested: 10,000 hrs Conference" and associated exhibit "Invested/40 Exhibition" (October 18 - November 8). The title derives from writer Malcolm Gladwell's citing of 10,000 hours being a threshold of proficiency.

The Council reports:

"The Council believes the idea of investment is extended to many aspects of the craft community - not only to the makers, but also to our patrons (who cherish the objects themselves) and supporters (individual, institutional, government) who assist in other ways. Craftspeople's work speaks to those who, while not makers themselves, engage with the quality and expressiveness of the objects. A patron's and a society's investment celebrates the maker."

The conference, taking place October 17-20, will explore the various aspects of investment in craft while engaging the wide range of individuals that make up the craft sector.

The exhibit explores the concept of "Invested" through the prism of scale, material, process, form and place - characterizing the range of crafts being produced in British Columbia and examining why the appeal of craft continues to grow. The exhibit opens with a gala fundraiser the night of Friday, October 18.

For a complete schedule of the conference sessions and presenters please click here.
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