Creative Renewal: How Art Can Save Us Now - Arlene Goldbard

Arlene Goldbard gave a really important perspective on arts advocacy and a framework for policy development at the Dialogue presented by the International Centre of Art for Social Change last Sunday.

I think this would be really useful reading as we move forward and try to engage our audiences and convince politicians and decision-makers.

We need to tell stories – we need to use our artistry and our creativity to engage our audiences to articulate why arts and culture matter.

I have never heard anyone ever say to me that they have decided to go to see a performance because they “want to support the economy”, or visit a gallery because they want to be “better educated”, or participate in a festival or take and art class because “they believe that their health will improve”.  They go for other reasons – those that are inherent to the arts.

Arlene Goldbard suggests a shift in framing our arguments and our approach to advocacy.  I think we can all agree that engaging the public and our audiences, boards etc is key  to success in making any sort of change, so I think we have also sensed the importance of articulating the inherent values of the arts and that they are a “human right” - a necessity for life.  Enough of me – Arlene is far more articulate. 

~ Amir Ali Alibhai

Please follow this link to read Arlene's presentation.

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