"I encourage anyone who cares about the arts to speak up" - Karen Kain

Canada's long time support of its artists has helped them to achieve incredible heights both nationally and internationally in a variety of disciplines. For me personally, and for The National Ballet of Canada, government funding has allowed us to tour internationally and to keep our dancers and productions in the top tier of dance companies worldwide. Gaining this kind of acclaim on a worldwide scale, not just for our company but for our museums, symphonies, art galleries and artists as a whole, is critical to preserving Canada's place on the world map. Funding our own country's artists is beneficial to all Canadian residents on many levels.

It pains me to see funding being cut to some of this country's most promising arts groups, including those in B.C. British Columbia is brimming with talent and the artists are in need of the funding that is their lifeblood. I encourage anyone who cares about the arts to speak up in support of preserving these national treasures.


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