EVENTS: Learn To Pitch at PitchMarket 2010


The Alliance is pleased to announce that we are partnering with FTXevents to present  PitchMarket 2010, two days of workshops and master classes in the art of making the perfect TV or movie story idea pitch, taking place March 6 and 7 at the Four Seasons Hotel.
The Alliance will host a special pre-PitchMarket workshop presentation with Ellen Sandler, presenting her popular "Turning Your Screenplay into a TV Pilot" on Friday, March 5 from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Pitch Lab
The perfect pitch for your TV or movie idea can be a work of art.
Having the ability to tell your story in a way that grabs the listener’s attention takes hours of practice, patience, and passion to make it a real thing of beauty.
That’s why PitchMarket 2010 Vancouver is offering PitchLab as part of their Saturday, March 6 Forum.
Pitch Lab is one of four educational streams offered at the Forum, along Career Accelerator, Master Classes, and Digital Directions.
The Pitch Lab schedule includes a Pitch Prep workshop with Million Dollar screenwriter Chris Soth, a Pitch Pointers seminar hosted by producer/ consultant Danny Manus, the hands-on Pitch Practice workshop with Laurie Scheer, Ellen Sandler, Brenda Greenberg and Soth, and the Genre Roundtable with Jeff Kurz, Andrew Wilson, Rebecca DiPasquale, and Ray Miller.
“Pitching is everything in this business,” says Marcy Schacter, director of PitchMarket, “and we all have to pitch some time. Even designers, DOP’s and actors have to pitch themselves to someone on the team.”
If you aren’t quite ready to get into the Sunday pitching ring, the Saturday Pitch Lab can prepare you for the future.
And, if you are interested in observing pitches, you can also watch the live “TV Series Panel Pitch” network at the red carpet Oscar Party.
Sign up for an all day pitching lesson, observe a live pitch, and network at the Oscar Wrap Party for just $170 ($160 for students).
For more information on PitchMarket 2010, Ms. Sandler's workshop, and the bound-to-be-fabulous Oscar Wrap Party at Players Chophouse (where you can watch the Oscars on 14 screens!) visit


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