Petition to Reinstate All Charitable Gaming Grants in British Columbia

All Residents of British Columbia:

Petition to Reinstate All Charitable Gaming Grants in British Columbia 

Petition Summary and Background

Provincial Cuts to Charitable Gaming Grants for 2009-2010   

To Premier Gordon Campbell, Minister Rich Coleman and the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia: We the undersigned are deeply concerned with the cuts to Gaming Grants in the province of British Columbia and how it will affect our Communities. 

This is part of the preamble to an online petition that has been instituted on behalf of all Organizations affected by the budget cuts to the gaming grants of 2009 – 2010.  It is our hope that when the budget is tabled in March after the Olympics we will not be targeted again.

Our hope is that each Association will forward the petition link to each of its members with a request that they forward the link to their members and supporters as well.  

Please follow the link below to review the complete petition and to add your support.  Then please pass this link onward to your contacts province-wide. 

Thank you,

Geraldine Foster, Secretary

Bingo Council of British Columbia  

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