Special GVPTA Meeting re Arts Cuts Friday, Sept. 25


A special meeting will be held for GVPTA members on Friday Sept. 25 from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in the Upper Lobby of the Arts Club.

While there have been various meetings over the last few weeks relative to the cuts to BC Gaming and BC Arts Council and their implications, the GVPTA Board and I felt it would be good to convene a meeting with our membership to discuss the issues as they apply to the theatre community specifically. The purposes of this meeting are to:

  • Organize the theatre community response to the recent cuts to arts and culture by BC Gaming and possible cuts to the BCAC for 2010/2011 - 2012
  • To strategize ways to respond and to mobilize our boards, and our audiences, to assist us in our efforts
  • To create our own collateral for our audiences so that we are all sending the same message - whether it be curtain speeches, ads in our programs, postcards for audiences, etc....
  • To make sure we all have the same facts and to coordinate our efforts with those of the Alliance
  • To build an advocacy committee to oversee our actions

We are coordinating this meeting with the Alliance for Arts and Culture, and will have representatives from the Alliance Direct Action committee there to talk about the efforts being organized across the arts community.

As the Upper Lobby has a limit to how many people we can fit, PLEASE RSVP to me (Sue) at info@gvpta.ca if you are planning on attending. That way we'll know how many people are coming and if we need to find a larger venue. We hope that at least one representative from each member company will be able to join us.

We look forward to connecting with you all next Friday!


Sue Porter (and the GVPTA Board) 
(604) 608-6799



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