Vancouver Review Media is Now Online!

Vancouver Review magazine published its final print issue in the fall of 2011. Since that time, nearly all of the distributors and outlets which sold the publication have vanished. Basically, the magazine industry and, specifically, the market for general interest arts and cultural magazines had collapsed. 

With an eye to the possible future of publishing, Mark Mushet, VR co-publisher and creative director, has chosen to revive the VR "brand" in 2013 and shift emphasis to an area of growing interest among publishers and the cultural community at large: web-based HD video presentation.

This has resulted in the creation of Vancouver Review Media, an online blog & video production / broadcast entity focused on creating original video works for the literary, visual and sonic arts.

Carrying on where Vancouver Review magazine left off in 2011, VR Media is a continuation of the magazine’s spirit and intent to create original, lively and local arts and culture-related content. There will be performance videos, video poems, short docs, book trailers, op/ed pieces and much more.

It is also the new home of VR Centrefold Editions so you can still obtain some of the original artwork originally commissioned for the print mag and be updated on the activities of the artists we featured. 

We are interested in hearing from potential advertisers and video sponsors/partners but please note that VR Media is not a traditional media outlet in that it does not provide on-going media coverage of events.

Here are some areas where VR Media may be of help to your organization:

  • production of promotional videos and/or video web content 
  • consulting on video production needs and generating ideas
  • co-production of original pieces that serve as original content suitable for embedding within the VR Media site and that of your organization. 

Please check out the site at and



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